Death Star construction petition gets 25000 signatures official White House response required

first_imgWe know there are thousands of people on Earth that consider themselves followers of the Jedi faith, but it also seems there are a few thousand Siths around, too.More than 25,000 people have signed a petition that demands the US government fund and build a full-size Death Star by the year 2016. As the petition has hit the 25k mark, it is now eligible for an official response from the White House.The petition hit its goal just before the 30-day expiration date and the creator, John D, even has a reasonable argument as to why building a Death Star would be good for the country. He said that putting defense resources into a weapon such as the Death Star would create many jobs in construction, engineering, and space exploration, as well as strengthening our national defense.There are obvious flaws in John’s demands, though. Three years is not a suitable timescale for creating a Death Star, also the money and resources required would be astronomical. Apparently, it would take 800,000 years just to produce all the steel needed to build it.It’s already clear that this project will go absolutely nowhere, and it’s hard to tell whether the people signing the petition are serious or whether it was a joke just to see if an official response could be garnered. On that front at least, they succeeded.I can’t see President Obama going over to the dark side and building a space station the size of a moon any time soon, but the reply from the White House is sure to make for an interesting read.via CNETlast_img read more